Reliable Supplier SP(R) Series Sump Pump to Ecuador Importers

Reliable Supplier
 SP(R) Series Sump Pump  to Ecuador Importers

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Introduction Type SPSP(R) pumps are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps which are submerged in sump to work. They are designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high density slurries. These pumps do not need any shaft seal and sealing water. They can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties. Wet parts of type SP pumps are made of abrasion-resistant metal. All parts of type SP(R) pump immersed in liquid are lined with rubber. They are suited to transport the slurry wh...

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With this motto in mind, we've got develop into amongst one of the most technologically innovative, cost-efficient, and price-competitive manufacturers for , , , For further queries or should you have any question regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Reliable Supplier SP(R) Series Sump Pump to Ecuador Importers Detail:


Type SPSP(R) pumps are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps which are submerged in sump to work. They are designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high density slurries. These pumps do not need any shaft seal and sealing water. They can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties.

Wet parts of type SP pumps are made of abrasion-resistant metal.

All parts of type SP(R) pump immersed in liquid are lined with rubber. They are suited to transport the slurry which contains non-edge and abrasive particle .

The type with “L” is series of sump pump with extended shaft , which is suited for the working condition of deeper level. The guide bearing construction is added to the pump on the basis of the standard pump, so the pump is with both more steady operation and wider application range, but flushing water should be attached to the guide bearing.


– Metal or rubber lined wet parts.

– Vertical construction, less Installation Space.

– Equipped with replaceable shaft protection sleeve.

– Double suction semi-open impeller.

– No submerged bearing or packing.

– Recessed impeller option passes over-sized material.

– Agitator option keeps solids in suspension.

– Can be run in insufficient suction duties.

– Smooth and stable operation.

– Special materials or casting for specific liquid.

Technical Parameters

 Pump    Model    Allowable Max.Power (kw)   Clear Water Performance
   Capacity Q   Head H(m)  Speed     n  (r/min) Max.Eff. (%) Impeller  Dia. (mm)
40PV-SP 15 19.44-43.2 5.4-12 4.5-28.5 1000-2200 40 188
40PV-SPR 17.28-39.6 4.8-11 4–26 1000-2200 40 188
65QV-SP 30 23.4-111 6.5-30.8 5-29.5 700-1500 50 280
65QV-SPR 22.5-105 6.25-29.15 5.5-30.5 700-1500 51 280
100RV-SP 75 54-289 15-80.3 5-35 500-1200 56 370
100RV-SPR 64.8-285 18-79.2 7.5-36 600-1200 62 370
150SV-SP 110 108-479.16 30-133.1 8.5-40 500-1000 52 450
200SV-SP 110 189-891 152.5-247.5 6.5-37 400-850 64 520
250TV-SP 200 261-1089 72.5-302.5 7.5-33.5 400-750 60 575
300TV-SP 200 288-1267 80-352 6.5-33 350-700 50 610



Standard Type                                                        Extension Type


Parts Name


Parts Name




Back Liner






Bearing Housing


Pump Casing


Bearing Spacer


Lower Strainer




Discharge Pipe




Flushing Pipe




Coupling Part




Middle Support Part


Over 20 years’ experience in pumps.

Various pump types.

Wear resistant materials.

Specialized Test Equipment.

Large quantity spare parts.

Anti-rust treatment casting.


Sump pumps are mainly used for handing corrosive, coarse particles and high density slurries, and are widely used in sewage treatment, metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, dredging, de-watering, water treatment, coal washing, mill, cyclone feed, tailing, power, building material…etc. various industrial sites. Our pumps are called different names for different working duties: mineral processing pump, mill discharge slurry pump, booster pump, feeding pump, tailing pump, transfer pump, de-watering screen pump, pressure pump, concentrate pump…

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Reliable Supplier
 SP(R) Series Sump Pump  to Ecuador Importers detail pictures

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    There are many reasons for choosing a Liebherr boom pump:

    Liebherr’s versatile “XXT” Dragonfly system. Liebherr’s patented XXT
    Outrigger System offers advantages for everyday applications on
    jobsites. For example, with the narrow support option the front
    outriggers can be extended up to the front of the vehicle, allowing a
    greater working range of up to 70%. In particular, pumping concrete
    over the operator’s cab can often be extremely advantageous, and this
    would not be possible with other types of outriggers.
    The stability control system guarantees a reliable and safe operation
    in every situation. Depending on the position of the outrigger system
    and the boom only safe movements are allowed.

    Made in Germany with extensive testing and material inspections

    State-of-the-art hydraulics ensure cost-effective operation

    Easier and quicker replacement of wear parts. Two piece wear plate can
    be changed without dismantling the S-tube.

    Available in Z-fold, Roll and Fold, and Multi-Fold Designs.

    Balanced weight distribution resulting from alternating pipeline on the
    left-hand and right-hand boom side, as well as the torsional resistant
    steel structure, ensures smoothness (almost zero boom bounce).

    Arrangement of the pipeline close to the boom, combined with the
    large-sized pins and hydraulic cylinders contribute to a safe and
    consistent movement of the boom. Additionally, The reduced boom width
    is highly advantageous when inserting the boom into openings in

    Pipe bends are predominantly the same, making the storage and purchase
    of wear parts easier.

    Hopper has smooth surfaces and no protruding edges – this minimizes
    buildup and makes cleaning the hopper easier.

    Open hydraulic circuit and precision control ensures high pump outputs
    with excellent efficiency, as well as a powerful S-tube changeover.
    Unlike the other manufactuers’ hydraulic systems, the main pumping
    cylinders and the shift cylinders are pressurized by the main pump. The
    advantages of this advanced system are: no storage charging pumps are
    necessary, no feed pump necessary, no pressure storage necessary (no
    risk of accident), THEREFORE you can achieve increased power with the
    S-tube changeover, servicing is simplified, you get improved oil
    cooling due to increased oil volumes, constant/identical Swing-tube
    changeovers times (not dependent on concrete consistency).

    Reliability is largely dependent upon the quality of the components in
    the hydraulic system. Liebherr therefore only uses components from
    renowned manufacturers, which have undergone meticulous testing. The
    hydraulic circuits are monitored by a diagnostic module. The diagnostic
    module allows an overall view of the functions of the hydraulic

    Liebherr booms come with a state-of-the-art radio remote control.
    Alternatively, the cable-operated remote control offers the same
    functions. Additionally, Liebherr Boom Pumps feature alternative
    control options, guaranteeing the possibility of continued pumping in
    all situations.

    1= Normal control mode (operation via sensors and controller)
    2 = Emergency mode (a): Operation without sensors (hydraulic pressure
    3= Emergency mode (b) Operation without controller (backup control via
    relay in the switch cabinet)

    Liebherr boom pumps are available with boom sizes from 17M to 58M.
    Various fold designs are possible, depending on the respective size.
    There is also a range of supports with 4 different variants of
    outriggers to choose from. Output sizes between 92 and 222 cubic meters
    per hour can be combined for pumping units.

    This company has a lot of ready-made options to choose and also could custom new program according to our demand, which is very nice to meet our needs.

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    Product quality is good, quality assurance system is complete, every link can inquire and solve the problem timely!

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