Lowest Price for ZJ Filter Press Feeding Pump for Afghanistan Manufacturer

Lowest Price for
 ZJ Filter Press Feeding Pump  for Afghanistan Manufacturer

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Features and Application ZJ series slurry pump is designed by our plant, which is a kind of single stage, end suction, centrifugal type pump. The wet part is made of high chrome white iron and has high performance in anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive, anti-shock aspect. This can give pump longer life and economic cost performance. This kind of pump can be divided into two kinds by structure: horizontal (ZJ series ) and vertical (ZJL series ). For the horizontal version, the discharge diameter ca...

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Lowest Price for ZJ Filter Press Feeding Pump for Afghanistan Manufacturer Detail:

Features and Application

ZJ series slurry pump is designed by our plant, which is a kind of single stage, end suction, centrifugal type pump. The wet part is made of high chrome white iron and has high performance in anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive, anti-shock aspect. This can give pump longer life and economic cost performance. This kind of pump can be divided into two kinds by structure: horizontal (ZJ series ) and vertical (ZJL series ). For the horizontal version, the discharge diameter can range from 350mm、300mm、250mm、200mm、150mm、100mm、80mm、65mm、50mm、40mm ,etc. For different head, we can choose different impeller to suit or satisfy the head by cutting the impeller. This kind of pump now is widely used in power plant, metallurgy industry, coal washing industry, building industry and chemical industry. Mainly used to transport the abrasive slurry, for example: the concentrate and tail slurry in ore dressing plant, slag handling in power plant, coal mud transportation and heavy medium coal separation, sand transportation in the shore work etc. The max weight concentration of slurry which can process is: 45% mortar slurry, 60% mining slurry. For transmission type, we can use DC, V belt, hydraulic coupling, frequency speed adjusting. This kind of pump also can be used in series or in parallel working together.

Structural Drawing


  1. Coupling                             6. Frame Plate Liner Insert               11. Frame Plate
  2.  Shaft                                     7. Volute Liner                                      12. Stuffing Box
  3. Bearing Housing              8. Impeller                                                13. Lantern Ring
  4. Disassembly Ring            9. Troatbushing                                      14. Base
  5. Expeller                              10.  Cover Plate                                       15. Support

Technical Parameters 

      Pump           Model
Max. Power
Clear Water Performance   Particle Max. Size Handled Occasionally (mm) Pump Weight  (kg)
  Capacity Q          Head     H   (m) Speed  n   (r/min) Max.Eff.
 NPSH  (m)
300ZJ-A100  450 464-1826 15.3-65.2 300-590 81.1 3 88 5265
300ZJ-A95 400 441-1735 13.8-58.8 300-590 78.1 3 88 5220
300ZJ-A90 560 505-1844 21.2-79.9 400-730 82.8 3.9 85 5005
300ZJ-A85 450 477-1742 18.9-71.3 400-730 79.8 3.8 85 4965
300ZJ-A70 630 635-2333 16.0-76.8 490-980 80.4 3.9 92 3560
300ZJ-A65 500 589-2166 13.8-66.2 490-980 77.4 3.7 92 3531
300ZJ-A56 250 395-1568 9.7-46.0 400-980 80.9 3.5 96 3030
250ZJ-A103 560 402-1573 29.7-110.5 400-730 74.5 2.8 69 5085
250ZJ-A96 560 403-1466 25.4-93.7 400-730 77.8 3.5 69 5035
250ZJ-A90 450 378-1374 22.3-82.4 400-730 73.8 3.4 69 4980
250ZJ-A85 800 376-1504 30.1-128.7 490-980 76.5 3.5 76 4530
250ZJ-A83 800 367-1469 28.7-122.7 490-980 75.5 3.5 76 4514
250ZJ-A80 710 354-1416 26.7-114.0 490-980 73.5 3.4 76 4490
250ZJ-A78 630 415-1796 21.1-102.5 490-980 71.5 3.2 76 4474
250ZJ-A75 560 300-1480 20.8-97.5 490-980 77.5 3 72 3480
250ZJ-A73 500 292-1441 19.7-92.4 490-980 76.5 3 72 3466
250ZJ-A70 450 280-1381 18.1-84.9 490-980 74.5 2.9 72 3446
250ZJ-A68 450 272-1342 17.1-80.1 490-980 73.5 2.7 72 3432
250ZJ-A65 315 299-1249 15.4-71.0 490-980 76.5 3 72 3020
250ZJ-A63 315 290-1211 14.4-66.7 490-980 75.9 3 72 3008
250ZJ-A60 280 276-1153 13.1-60.5 490-980 73.9 2.8 72 2991
200ZJ-A85 560 221-907 32.0-133.7 490-980 70.5 2.8 54 4110
200ZJ-A75 355 225-900 22.8-102.9 490-980 74.1 3 56 3070
200ZJ-A73 355 219-876 21.6-97.5 490-980 73.1 3 56 3056
200ZJ-A70 315 205-976 19.4-86.4 490-980 75.6 2.8 56 2465
200ZJ-A68 315 199-948 18.3-81.5 490-980 74.6 2.8 56 2453
200ZJ-A65 250 235-950 16.4-72 490-980 79.6 2.5 62 2323
200ZJ-A63 250 228-921 15.4-37.6 490-980 78.6 2.5 62 2311
200ZJ-A60 185 218-870 13.9-62 490-980 83.5 2.5 62 2223
200ZJ-A58 185 211-841 13-57.9 490-980 82.5 2.5 62 2214
150ZJ-A70 185 93-401 20-91.2 490-980 62.3 2 37 2245
150ZJ-A65 200 150-600 17.4-75.7 490-980 70.8 2.5 48 2223
150ZJ-A63 185 146-582 16.3-71.1 490-980 69.8 2.5 48 2211
150ZJ-A60 160 135-550 14.7-63.5 490-980 75.9 2.5 48 2203
150ZJ-A58 132 131-532 13.7-59.3 490-980 74.9 2.5 48 2033
150ZJ-A55 110 124-504 12.3-53.4 490-980 72.9 2.3 48 2019
150ZJ-C58 160 134-596 12.8-61 490-980 69.1 2 75 2063
150ZJ-A57 110 95-427 13.2-56.3 490-980 67.8 1.8 32 2023
150ZJ-A50 75 115-460 9.5-43.1 490-980 76.8 2.5 48 1735
150ZJ-A48 75 111-442 8.7-39.7 490-980 75.8 2.5 48 1728
150ZJ-C42 132 142-550 12.1-62.8 700-1480 77.1 2.2 69 1605
100ZJ-A50 160 85-360 20.5-100.2 700-1480 69.6 2.5 34 1475
100ZJ-A46 132 79-331 17.3-84.8 700-1480 67.6 2.3 34 1461
100ZJ-A42 90 66-275 14.7-70.8 700-1480 71 2.5 35 1075
100ZJ-A39 75 61-255 12.6-61 700-1480 69 2.4 35 1064
100ZJ-B42 90 83-365 12.7-66.8 700-1480 71.6 2.5 40 1085
100ZJ-A36 55 61-245 9.7-49.5 700-1480 71.6 2 32 1010
100ZJ-A33 45 56-225 8.2-41.6 700-1480 69.6 1.8 32 1003
80ZJ-A52 160 51-242 22.1-109.8 700-1480 56.3 2.1 21 1465
80ZJ-A42 75 61-204 14.4-70.4 700-1480 66.7 2.5 24 1053
80ZJ-A39 55 57-189 12.4-60.7 700-1480 64.7 2.4 24 1042
80ZJ-A36 45 46-190 9.6-51.4 700-1480 67.7 2.5 24 980
80ZJ-A33 37 43-174 8-43.2 700-1480 65.7 2.3 24 973
65ZJ-A30 15 23-79 7.4-34.8 700-1480 63.5 2 19 504
65ZJ-A27 11 20-71 6-28.2 700-1480 61.5 1.8 19 500
50ZJ-A50 90 27-111 22.3-110.7 700-1480 45.1 3 13 1378
50ZJ-A46 55 23-94 17.9-85.8 700-1480 44.7 1.4 14 1082
50ZJ-A33 18.5 12-54 7.7-42.5 700-1480 42.1 2.9 13 537
40ZJ-A17 7.5 4-23 9-44.6 700-1480 52.4 2.5 11 121

Seal type

This kind of ZJ pump can be assembled with two kind of seal type:

(1)  Expeller and stuffing box combined seal : Expeller seal make use of the pressure which is caused by the impeller and expeller working together to seal. Packing and lip seal do as the parking sealing. We can use this kind of seal in the single stage pump of which the positive pressure in the suction is not bigger with 10% than that in the discharge, or used in the first stage pump in series condition. It can work without the seal water, will not dilution the slurry and sealing performance good. But this can lead to more power consumption (usually need increase 5% of the shaft power).

(2)  Stuffing box packing seal is a kind of popular shaft seal type and used in all kind of applications, seal material can be PTFE and graphite which can be used in corrosive and high temperature conditions. This seal type has advantage of simple structure and easy maintenance.

(3)  Mechanical seal : this kind of seal adopt the international advanced sealing technology and has good sealing performance. Different structure type can suit different working condition, friction auxiliary material is made of high hardness ceramic and alloy material. The design and cooperation between mechanical seal and seal box conform to the flow status of medium which makes seal performance higher capability in anti-resistant and anti-shock, which can make customer satisfied in all kind of working condition.

Pump design Features

•Use of inner and outer double layer metal structure.

•Casing middle split vertically.

•Discharge port can be positioned at 8 different positions at an interval of 45°.

Depending on design of bearing housing, bearing lubrication can be :

•Thin oil lubrication for box type.

•Grease lubrication for cylinder type.

•Thin oil or grease lubrication for bearing housing with inserted cover.


•Closed type Impeller: high abrasive resistance, and high efficiency.

•Open type Impeller: the ability of pass is high. When deliver the dirty material, the pump need clear often, this type makes the clear work easily.


Product detail pictures:

Lowest Price for
 ZJ Filter Press Feeding Pump  for Afghanistan Manufacturer detail pictures

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    Aquarium tips and tricks. This is something that hit me the other day that I want to talk about from a high level. I feel that it is worth emphasizing three things
    The Plan-
    The Flow
    And the Feel.
    One of my favorite video which doesn’t get much air play is the one where I talk about making a plan for your aquarium. I feel like too many people don’t make an adequate plan when they approach setting up new aquarium. There has to be a goal. What do you want out of this tank? Is it a certain size you want to master? It’s it showing off a certain species that you haven’t kept? You have to have a clear understanding of not only where you want to go, but how much time (Or how little time to you have)
    Much goes into this-
    -Initial setup time and budget
    - Experience – skill level
    -Time allotted for Routine Maintenance, water changes, trimming, ect.
    I have been thinking about this with people who are just setting their Second or third tank.
    MULTI TANK ITIS has affected all of us. Personally before I was 15 I had a 29, 15, 10 all going. (those were the days)
    (I’ve done it recently here too – 220, 90, 125, 4 75s—before I ever had the greenhouse)

    Here is the Lesson-
    “Don’t sacrifice ONE GREAT TANK for two GOOD ONES”
    Have a plan, both initially and for your routine.
    The Flow
    This is where it gets fun and is a riot for me to see it get in other people. When you get that rhythm, that flow that intuition of what to do next and where you want to go.
    You have a tank and you finally found that piece of driftwood that works. Or you figured out what plant you need on that left side that just hasn’t looked right. Or you figured out the right water change routine.
    Be observant of the Flow – Don’t FUCK UP the Flow!- Don’t add some monster ass fish that up roots plants on a whim, don’t buy some piece of equipment that will greatly alter the growth rate of your plants in an unbalanced manor. (Adding too much light and not reducing the light duration is an example to this)
    The Feel-
    This is the part that I hope people can get to. It’s when you instinctively know what to do and you aren’t tripping out about the reading on a test kit. It’s where you are looking and the fish and plants and can see what they are telling you.
    Not what some book says.
    EVERY SINGLE Aquarium is different. You should be looking for this feel. You should be striving to get this feel of your aquarium. Like when you know you need a little bigger water change than usual because you’ve been hanging out feeding your fish blood worms three meals a day and are getting a film on the glass.
    - It’s when something happens slightly bad, in your tank but your don’t OVER compensate, you understand your tank is a system and make a slight adjustment.
    The Plan, The Flow and the Feel. I would love to know how many tanks you have an what kinda plan, flow and feel you have for all of your setups.
    Welcome to Dustin’s Fish Tanks YouTube Channel. My channel is made for FISH TANK PEOPLE! I try to focus on Planted Aquariums, how to grow aquarium plants, dirt as the planted tank substrate and low light aquarium plants. Planted Tanks shouldn’t be difficult. My goal is to make the planted aquarium hobby easy. “Planted Tanks Made Easy” Dustin’s Fish Tanks. TANK ON!

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