Factory Promotional ZGB High Performance Slurry Pump for Bhutan Factories

Factory Promotional
 ZGB High Performance Slurry Pump for Bhutan Factories

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Introduction In order to meet the requirements on the development of the electric power, metallurgy and coal industries, our factory has designed and developed series ZGB(P) up-to-date generation slurry pump with large capacity, high head, multi-stages in series to remove ash & sludge and to deliver liquid-solids mixture, based on the experience of slurry pump design and manufacture for many years, and abstracting the research results of advanced technology from home and abroad. The main ...

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Factory Promotional ZGB High Performance Slurry Pump for Bhutan Factories Detail:


In order to meet the requirements on the development of the electric power, metallurgy and coal industries, our factory has designed and developed series ZGB(P) up-to-date generation slurry pump with large capacity, high head, multi-stages in series to remove ash & sludge and to deliver liquid-solids mixture, based on the experience of slurry pump design and manufacture for many years, and abstracting the research results of advanced technology from home and abroad. The main technical features are as follows,

CAD modern design , super hydraulic performance, high efficiency and lower abrasive rate;

Wide passage, non-clogging and good performance of NPSH;

Expeller seal combined with packing seal and mechanical seal have be adopted to guarantee the slurry from leakage;

Reliability design ensures long MTBF (mean time between events);

The metric bearing with oil lubrication, reasonable lubrication and cooling systems ensure the bearing to be operated under the low temperature;

The materials of wet parts have the good performance of anti-wearing and anti-corrosion.

The pump can be used for seawater ash-removing to prevent it from the corrosion of seawater, salt and mist, and electrochemical corrosion;

The pump can be operated in series with multi-stage within permissible pressure.

The permissible maximum working pressure is 3.6MPa.

The series of pump has the advantages of reasonable construction, high efficiency, reliable operation and easy maintenance. It can be widely used for handling the mixture contained of abrasive and corrosive solids in electric power, metallurgy, mine, coal, constructional material and chemical industry departments, especial for removing ash and sludge in electric power station.

Product Features

1. The series ZGB(P) slurry pump is of horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, cantilever, double-casing, centrifugal slurry pump. The pump rotates in clockwise viewed from the drive end.

2. The wet parts of ZGB and ZGBP pump at the same outlet diameter can be interchangeable. Their outline installation dimensions are one and the same. For the drive part of the series ZGB(P) slurry pump, the horizontal split frame with oil lubrication and two sets of water cooling systems inside and outside has been adopted. If necessary, cooling water can be supplied. The prepared joint for cooling water and the pressure of the cooling water can be seen in table 1.

3. Two kinds of shaft seal—expeller seal combined with packing and mechanical seal have been used for series ZGB(P) slurry pump.

4. The mechanical seal supplied with high pressure sealing water is recommended when the slurry pump is operated in series(two stages and above two stages), and the expeller seal combined with packing is used    in  single-stage pump.

Technical Parameters

Pump Model  Speed  n(r/min) Capacity Q  (l/s)   Head     H (m) Max.Eff.
Shaft  Power  (kw)  Impeller Dia (mm) Pump Weight (kg) Outlet Dia./Inlet Dia. (mm)
65ZGB 1480 31.7-15.8 58-61 62.5-47.4 4.5-3.0 28.8-19.9 390 1850 65 / 80
980 21.0-10.5 25.4-26.7 62.5-47.4 2.0-1.3 8.37-5.8
80ZGB 980 56.7-28.3 87.5-91.6 66.1-48.7 5.2-2.7 73.7-52.2 485 2500 80 / 100
740 37.5-18.8 38.4-40.2 66.1-48.7 2.3-1.2 21.4-15.2
980 52.0-26.0 73.7-77.1 66.1-48.7 4.4-2.3 56.8-40.4 445
740 34.4-17.2 32.3-33.8 66.1-48.7 1.9-1.0 16.5-11.7
980 46.8-23.3 59.5-62.3 66.1-48.7 3.5-1.8 41.3-29.2 400
740 31.0-15.4 26.1-27.3 66.1-48.7 1.5-0.8 12.0-8.4
100ZGB 1480 116.7-58.3 85.1-91.8 77.9-57.4 6.0-2.6 124.9-91.4 500 3000 100 / 152
980 77.3-38.6 37.3-40.3 77.9-57.4 2.7-1.2 36.3-26.6
1480 105-52.5 68.9-78.4 77.9-57.4 4.9-2.1 91.0-66.7 450
980 69.5-34.8 30.2-32.6 77.9-57.4 2.1-1.1 26.4-19.4
1480 93.4-46.7 54.5-58.8 77.9-57.4 3.8-1.7 64.0-46.9 400
980 61.8-30.9 23.9-25.8 77.9-57.4 1.7-0.8 18.6-13.6
150ZGB 980 200-100 85.2-90.0 77.7-53.3 3.8-2.7 215.0-165.5 740 3450 150 / 200
740 151.2-75.6 48.6-51.3 77.7-53.3 2.2-1.5 92.7-71.3
980 182.4-91.2 73.0-77.1 77.7-53.3 3.3-2.3 168.0-129.3 685
740 140.0-70.2 41.6-44.0 77.7-53.3 1.9-1.3 74.2-56.8
980 169.2-84.6 61.8-65.2 77.7-53.3 2.8-1.1 131.9-101.5 630
740 129.6-64.8 35.2-37.2 77.7-53.3 1.6-0.6 57.6-44.3
200ZGB 980 300.0-150.0 89.0-94.2 76.3-63.2 6.7-2.7 342.9-219.1 740 4000 200 / 250
740 226.5-113.3 50.7-53.7 76.3-63.2 3.8-1.5 147.5-97.3
980 283.8-141.9 79.6-84.3 76.3-63.2 6.0-2.4 290.2-185.8 700
740 214.3-107.1 45.4-48.1 76.3-63.2 3.4-1.4 125.0-80.0
980 259.5-129.7 66.6-70.5 76.3-63.2 5.0-2.0 222.0-141.8 640
740 195.9-97.9 38.0-40.2 76.3-63.2 2.9-1.1 95.6-61.0
250ZGB 980 400.0-200.0 84.0-90.1 78.2-63.2 7.3-3.3 421.2-275.6 740 4500 250 / 300
740 302.0-151.0 47.9-51.4 78.2-63.2 4.2-1.9 181.4-118.7
980 378.4-189.2 75.2-80.6 78.2-63.2 7.1-3.0 356.7-233.2 700
740 285.7-142.9 42.9-46.0 78.2-63.2 4.0-1.7 153.7-100.5
980 348.6-131.6 63.8-68.5 78.2-63.2 5.5-2.5 278.8-137.9 645
740 263.2-99.4 36.4-39.1 78.2-63.2 3.1-1.4 120.1-59.4
300ZGB 980 533.3-266.7 84.3-93.4 81.2-68.3 6.9-3.5 542.8-357.6 760 5500 300 / 350
740 402.7-201.3 48.1-53.3 81.2-68.3 3.9-2.0 233.9-154.0
980 493.3-246.7 72.1-79.9 81.2-68.3 5.9-3.0 429.4-282.9 703
740 372.5-177.9 41.1-45.6 81.2-68.3 3.4-1.7 184.8-116.4
980 453.3-226.7 60.9-67.5 81.2-68.3 5.0-2.5 333.3-219.7 646
740 342.3-171.2 34.5-38.5 81.2-68.3 2.9-1.4 143.4-94.6

The water pressure and amount of all kinds of the shaft seal is as follows

Sealing water pressure

For single-stage pump with the expeller seal combined with packing, the water pressure of the shaft seal is 0.2-0.3MPa.

For multi-stage(two and above two stages) in series operation with the expeller seal combined with packing, the sealing water pressure should be:

The lowest sealing water pressure of n stage

Pn=  QQ图片20170302144648Hi+0.7Hn;Hi is i stage pump head;Hn is n stage pump head.

For mechanical seal, the sealing water pressure of each stage of pump is higher 0.1MPa than pump discharge pressure.

Sealing water pressure(see table 1)17

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Factory Promotional
 ZGB High Performance Slurry Pump for Bhutan Factories detail pictures

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