Factory making 700WN Dredge Pump for Canberra Importers

Factory making
 700WN Dredge Pump  for Canberra Importers

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Product Introduction WN (Q) dredging pump is a kind of highly effective wear-resistant marine dredging pump, which is based on absorption of abroad technology. WN (Q) dredging pump meets the comprehensive dredging requirement at home and abroad. Features Overall structure performance well in marine use Simple and reliable structure: 200WN-500WN and 600WNQ-1000WNQ type dredge pump with a single pump casing or double pump casing, single stage single suction cantilever horizontal structure. Acco...

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Factory making 700WN Dredge Pump for Canberra Importers Detail:

Product Introduction

WN (Q) dredging pump is a kind of highly effective wear-resistant marine dredging pump, which is based on absorption of abroad technology. WN (Q) dredging pump meets the comprehensive dredging requirement at home and abroad.


Overall structure performance well in marine use

Simple and reliable structure: 200WN-500WN and 600WNQ-1000WNQ type dredge pump with a single pump casing or double pump casing, single stage single suction cantilever horizontal structure. According to the connection type with the gear box, there are two kinds of typical structure, one is with independent support, the other is combined with gear box. The lubrication of pump with support is grease lubrication or thin oil lubrication. The double casing design can make the pump body safe even when the liner is worn out. Easy to disassemble and  maintenance: WN type dredging pump can be disassembled from front. This make the disassemble and maintenance easier.

Good performance of dredging

Good cavitation performance: WN type dredging pump have good cavitation performance which can ensure suction ability of pump. While it can achieve greater digging depth and higher suction concentration.

High flow capacity and wide applicability: WN type dredge pump impeller passage is very wide to continuous pumping gravel or high plastic clay and not happens jam. Good carrying ability of pump is guarantee for dredger performance.

Sharp Dropping performance curve: The flow and head curve falling steeply makes the mud pump having a stronger adaptability to the change of row spacing.

Achieving various blendings of pump performance: WN dredging pump can change the rotational speed and the diameter of the impeller, to achieve the different head of pump under the same flow.

Wear-resistant and long-life service wet parts

Wet parts of WN dredging pump , such as impeller, volute liner, throat bushing and frame plate liner insert(wearable liner) adopt alloy cast iron material whose hardness is not less than 58HRC. It has not only impact on resistance but also high anti-abrasion performance.

The service life of each part is fully considered in the process of product design. The same replacement cycle reduces the maintenance and replacement costs.

Small hydraulic loss, high efficiency, low power consumption: Due to the advanced hydraulic model, the dredging pump has high efficiency level. The efficiency of WN dredging pump is higher about 2-3 percentage points than imported. Thus, in the same production, it can achieve lower fuel consumption.

A reliable seal and no leakage

200WN-500WN dredge pump adopts mechanical seals or packing seals or combination of  mechanical and packing seals.

600WN(Q)-1000WN(Q) dredge pump adopts shaft seal with L-shaped screw shell rubber seal device which has three L-shaped seal rings and one shaft sleeve with special thread.

Technical Parameters

    Pump           Model
    Capacity        Q (m3/h) Head H  (m) Speed  n (r/min)      Eff.     (%)  NPSHrn       (m)
   Inlet Diameter (mm)     Outlet       Diameter     (mm) Max. Diameter of    Flowd       Particle (mm)
200WNQ 600-800 20-40 700-900 60-65 <4.5 250 200 178
200WN 750-1000 40-65 700-850 70-72 <4 250 200 180
250WNQ 950-1100 20-40 500-700 65-70 <4 300 250 220
250WN 1100-1300 40-65 500-650 70-74 <4 350 250 144
300WNQ 1500-1800 20-40 400-600 65-68 <4 350 300 241
300WN 1800-2200 40-65 400-550 74-78 <4 450 300 241
350WN 2600-3000 40-65 400-550 74-78 <4.5 450 350 245
400WN 2800-3200 20-40 400-550 74-78 <4.5 450 400 250
450WN 3200-3850 40-67 350-500 76-80 <4.5 600 450 354
500WNQ 3600-4200 20-40 220-320 72-75 <4.8 600 500 330
500WN 4500-5500 30-72 350-450 78-80 <4.8 650 500 250
600WN 5000-9000 30-75 280-420 81-85 <6 660 600 220
700WN 8000-12000 30-76 280-380 83-85 <6 760 700 280
800WN 10000-15000 28-72 260-350 80-84 <6 900 800 300
900WN 12000-19000 25-75 220-330 85-87 <6 960 900 320
1000WN 16000-25000 23-76 181-290 85-87 <6 1200 1000 350



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Factory making
 700WN Dredge Pump  for Canberra Importers detail pictures

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    Over the years , AV mounts for Pumps have become more of a necessity for several reasons
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    4) The final finishing, quality and performance of the mounts are as
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    5) Dome cover and zinc plated metal provides protecting against oil , fuel contamination and corrosion resistance.

    1. Ravindra Birajdar , Rajashri Patil & Kedar Khanzode “VIBRATION AND NOISE IN CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS – SOURCES AND DIAGNOSIS METHODS” presented at 3 rd International Conference on Integrity, Reliability and Failure, Porto/Portugal, 20-24 July 2009 (link: http://paginas.fe.up.pt/clme/IRF2009/PROCEEDINGS/PAPERS/P0437.pdf)
    2. Garr M. Jones, PE, DEE, Robert L. Sanks, PhD, PE, “Pumping Station Design: Revised 3rd Edition”, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2011
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