China New Product DT Series FGD Pump to Peru Factories

China New Product 
 DT Series FGD Pump  to Peru Factories

Short Description:

Product Description Based on the successful design experience in manufacturing ZJ series slurry pumps and absorbed home and abroad advanced technology, we designs and manufactures DT  and LT type pump, a special FGD engineering pump. The max flow range can be up to 12000m3/h, the head is generally less than 100m. This type pump apply to all the desulfurization system, which can be used as a slurry circulating pump in large absorption tower and limestone slurry pump, gypsum slurry discharge pu...

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China New Product DT Series FGD Pump to Peru Factories Detail:

Product Description

Based on the successful design experience in manufacturing ZJ series slurry pumps and absorbed home and abroad advanced technology, we designs and manufactures DT  and LT type pump, a special FGD engineering pump.

The max flow range can be up to 12000m3/h, the head is generally less than 100m. This type pump apply to all the desulfurization system, which can be used as a slurry circulating pump in large absorption tower and limestone slurry pump, gypsum slurry discharge pump, recycling pump, sump pump and so on.

Structure Form

Series of DT FGD pump is a horizontal, single casing, single stage, single suction, pedestal or suspension structure pump.


                                   1.  Impeller                                   5.   Frame plate liner insert               9.    Coupling

                                   2.  Volute liner                              6.   Stuffing box                               10.   Base plate

                                   3.  Suction short pipe                    7.   Mechanical seal             

                                   4.   Discharge short pipe                8. Frame


Series of LT FGD pump is vertical, single casing pump. Adding suction pipe can meet the requirements of various operating conditions.


                1. Impeller                                       5. Left support plate                          9. Coupling

               2.  Volute liner                                  6. Bearing housing                           10. Discharge pipe

               3.  Frame plate liner insert                 7. Motor support                              11.   Right support plate

               4. Column                                        8.Motor                                           12.  Suction pipe 

Technical Parameters (DT)

  Pump  Model Allowable
Max. Power
Clear Water Performance  Particle Max. Size Handled  Occasionally (mm) Pump Weight (kg)
    Capacity Q  Head
   H (m)    
  Speed    n   (r/min)   Max.Eff.
900DT-F110 1600 4907-14076 8.5-32.7 300-490 88.3 6.5 96 11800
800DT-A90 900 4104-10690 7.8-27.8 400-595 86.4 4.3 88 7101
700DT-A90 900 3551-8988 10.0-33.8 400-595 86.7 5.6 68 6030
700DT-A83 630 2677-6491 8.7-30.2 400-595 85.9 6.0 70 6002
700DT-B78 560 3378-7200 10.0-21.8 400-595 84.7 4.3 65 5136
600DT-A82 500 1664-5600 5.2-27.8 300-595 88.3 2.2 152 4900
500DT-A76 400 1555-3881 9.9-27.9 450-595 76.8 4.5 58 3512
500DT-A70 500 1908-4399 9.3-32.5 490-742 76.0 6 55 3100
400DT-A65 400 1134-3330 8.8-31.1 490-472 80.1 5.2 60 3200
350DT-A78 500 720-2865 11.6-51.1 400-720 78.0 3.5 104 3700
300DT-A60 400 574-2384 8.7-52.0 490-989 81.1 4.3 96 2790
250DT-A75 560 300-1480 20.8-97.5 490-980 77.5 3.0 72 3191
250DT-A45 90 221-804 5.0-27.0 490-980 68.2 6.5 56 1321
200DT-B45 90 136-639 5.5-30.1 490-990 80.8 2.0 51 1750
150DT-A60 450 156-704 28.9-150.0 700-1480 70.7 2.1 39 1657
150DT-B55 132 139-630 11.3-53.7 490-990 78.1 2.3 56 1540
150DT-A50 90 62-279 9.3-44.6 490-980 65.7 2.1 30 1470
150DT-A40 132 122-503 11.2-61.2 700-1490 73.1 2.6 40 830
100DT-A60 220 71-305 29.1-147.0 700-1480 57.9 2.4 18 890
100DT-A50 160 85-360 20.5-100.2 700-1480 69.6 2.5 34 975
100DT-A45 90 47-228 14.8-83.5 700-1480 58.7 2.2 22 810
100DT-A40 75 61-268 12.0-61.0 700-1480 70.4 1.7 29 620
100DT-A35 75 77-323 8.8-45.9 700-1480 73.2 1.9 42 550
80DT-A36 37 41-167 8.9-47.1 700-1480 62.4 1.5 16 480
65DT-A40 55 34-159 11.5-60.1 700-1480 62.1 2.1 16 490
65DT-A30 22 21-99 7.0-35.6 700-1470 54.6 2.2 19 260
50DT-A50 90 27-111 22.3-110.7 700-1480 45.1 3 13 856
50DT-A45 55 21.6-93.6 15.2-81.0 700-1480 48.4 3.6 9.5 849
50DT-B40 37 24.5-99.5 12.0-60.7 700-1470 55.0 3.1 14 490
50DT-A30 18.5 16-78 5.8-35.1 700-1460 48.5 0.8 16 210
40DT-A25 45 16.8-74.7 13.7-88.6 1400-2950 42.5 2.6 9 185
40DT-B20 15 7.9-37.1 10.7-57.5 1400-2930 53.0 0.9 7 160
40DT-A19 15 7.8-34.9 12.3-57.1 1400-2930 58.8 1.2 11 173
40DT-A17 7.5 4.6-23.4 9.2-44.6 1400-2900 52.4 2.5 11 127
25DT-A25 4 4.7-19.9 3.3-21.6 700-1400 38.0 3.3 5 107
25DT-A15 5.5 4.4-19.3 6.2-34.4 1390-2900 41.8 1.3 8 89
Note:1.(NPSH)r:Value of the second speed.
        2.Normal partical size: 56% of allowable occasional particle Max. size.

Applicable Condition

PH value:                            2.5~13

Chloride ion concentration:   ≤60000ppm

Concentration weight:          ≤60%

Medium temperature:          ≤120℃

Performance and material characteristics

  1. High efficiency, long service life and reliable operation.
  2. The wet parts are made of low carbon stainless steel material.
  3. Low carbon stainless steel mainly consisting of ferritic has excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking and higher mechanical strength.
  4. Less hydraulic friction, the efficiency is higher than the same parameters of the metal pump about 3%.
  5. Metal pump is easy to control the geometric dimension and high volume efficiency. The pump parts is with high surface and small clearance. The overall efficiency of 5% higher than non-metal pump.
  6. The wet parts has long-service life and long-term shear wear ability. Shear sliding wear ability of metal protective plate is stronger than that of the common non-metallic materials.
  7. Dynamic abrasion resistance is 0.008-0.08mm every year, with high tensile strength. The pump performance can be maintained constant in the long-term abrasion conditions

Seal Type

All seal type adopt mechanical seal, divided into a water and anhydrous type.

Water type

Double face mechanical seal with double sets of friction pairs, reliable operation, can achieve the effect of liquid leakage.

Anhydrous type

The self washing mechanical seal with no water medium has the advantages of unique structure, high operation reliability and good water saving effect.


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China New Product 
 DT Series FGD Pump  to Peru Factories detail pictures

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